World War I Tour

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HEROIC MEASURES: American Nurses in World War One

September 11, 2014

Americans today associate PTSD with our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Truly, post-war trauma must have always been with us. We are, after all, human and violence of any kind offends us, especially when life and limb are violated. But in the Great War, more men survived the realities of bullets, shrapnel, gas and chemical attacks as well as disease than in any other war. The reason is, of course, that we had organized medical teams behind the lines at the ready.True that those teams had little in the way of medicines or technology to aid them in rapid response to ...

Events & Appearances

October 13 - 21, 2014, France

Jo-Ann Power, critically acclaimed author of World War One novel HEROIC MEASURES, leads this tour of the American battlefields of The Great War. Designed for everyone who has an interest in this first American experience abroad, this tour gives you a comprehensive look at the war before the United States declared war in April 1917 until most troops and support services departed in the summer of 1919.

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